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dōTERRA Donates Feminine Hygiene Kits to Days for Girls Organization


doTERRA International recently made donations as part of an ongoing relationship with the nonprofit organization, Days for Girls, by providing monetary assistance and feminine hygiene kits that will be used to help women and girls around the world. Days for Girls is a grassroots nonprofit that helps girls around the world gain access to feminine hygiene supplies, and provides education about proper hygiene.

Along with donations that will help the corporate efforts of Days for Girls, doTERRA also recently made a donation to assist the Utah chapter specifically. Representatives from doTERRA often travel internationally, so the company has made a habit of transporting feminine hygiene kits during these trips, and distributing them to communities in need. Aside from transporting the kits, doTERRA also provides classes that are designed to educate women and girls on feminine hygiene, and teach them how to properly use the kits.

Girls and women who don’t have access to sanitary supplies often miss school or opportunities for income, because they are unable to go about their daily tasks. Young girls may miss up to two months of school throughout the year, and the loss of income for older women only worsens the cycle of poverty in areas that are already struggling.1

Not only does a lack of sanitary supplies cause girls and women throughout the world to miss out on learning and income, but it can be potentially threatening to their health. Without proper hygiene, infections like candida or yeast infections will develop.2 Other infections like urinary tract infections (UTI’s) are also common when bacteria develops due to lack of proper hygiene.3 Therefore, greater access to feminine hygiene products will not only allow girls to avoid missing school and activities that provide income, but this access also protects them from uncomfortable and infectious diseases like UTI’s. Many girls and women do not have access to good medicine or healthcare, so they may suffer for long periods of time with conditions like UTI’s and other bacterial infections, due to lack of proper care.

The Days for Girls organization has reached women and girls in over 85 countries, across 6 continents. doTERRA’s donations of resources and supplies will help the organization as they continue to serve communities that need access to proper feminine hygiene. Visit their website to see how you can get involved:

1. "Days for Girls Homepage"
2. "Healthy Hygiene to Prevent Yeast Infections"
3. "Urinary Tract Infection in Women"

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