California Mudslides

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ and Wellness Advocates worked to get emergency kits delivered to an evacuation zone for first responders and evacuees impacted by the Southern California mudslides.

In early January of 2018, Southern California experienced intense mudslides in Santa Barbara County that lead to the damage and destruction of a large number of homes and properties, the closing of several main roads and highways, and dozens of people missing or killed. People of Santa Barbara County, more specifically the Montecito area, were evacuated following the mudslides as law enforcement and search crews looked through the debris in hopes of finding the more than 40 community members who were unaccounted for. Sadly, many of those missing would later be found and reported dead.

The violent mudslides turned streets into rivers, pulled down trees, swept away cars and houses, spreading boulders and debris throughout the area. With so much water, mud, and damage, it was difficult for evacuees to get any supplies or necessities, as sections of the US 101 (a major highway) were completely closed down.

Just a few weeks earlier, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation had donated some essential emergency kits to victims of the California wildfires. Some of the doTERRA Wellness Advocates in the area still had emergency kits on hand that could be used to help the mudslide victims and evacuees.

After some creative thinking, a few doTERRA Wellness Advocates hired a plane to help them fly more emergency kits to Santa Barbara County despite major road closures. Dozens of kits were distributed directly to first responders and evacuees, and additional kits were donated to the Emergency Operations headquarters for the many people there who needed help and relief.


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