Part 5: Oxygenated Compounds—Oxides


Oxides include an oxygen atom that is part of a hydrocarbon ring structure. Oxides can be distinguished based on their proper name which generally ends with the suffix “-oxide” or “-ole.” Common oxides found in essential oils are eucalyptol (also called 1, 8-cineole), rose oxide, linalool oxide, and pinene oxide.

Main Health Effects:

  • Protects against environmental threats1
  • Promotes feelings of clear breathing2
  • Supports healthy respiratory function3*

Essential Oil Main Oxide Constituent(s) Amount
Eucalyptus 1,2 eucalyptol Approximately 75%
Rosemary 3* eucalyptol Up to 40%
Peppermint 3* eucalyptol Up to 10%
Thyme 1 eucalyptol Up to 10%


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