Discover Deep Blue: Six Ways It Can Benefit Everyone

Muscles should be flexed, not felt.

Odds are you’ve used it and already love it; on the off chance you haven’t tried it, you’ve definitely heard of it. That’s because it’s for everyone: determined athletes, active grandparents, energetic teenagers, and casual dog walkers. Anyone can benefit from the cooling, soothing, and comforting effects of the doTERRA Deep Blue® product line.
From fitness enthusiasts to office workers, Deep Blue products offer a diverse range of helpful and effective uses. Here are a few: 
1. Post-Workout Perfection
Deep Blue is your go-to companion for post-workout recovery. Whether you’re into heavy lifting or intense aerobics, Deep Blue Rub and the Deep Blue Stick will help soothe those trouble spots, while also moisturizing your skin. Just a dab will leave you feeling revitalized and ready for your next fitness goal!
2. Desk Dwellers
Typing at a desk all day, every day isn’t as easy as it looks! After a long workday at the office, treat your fingers, arms, hands, neck, and shoulders to a soothing massage with Deep Blue Soothing Blend. Dilute this beautiful blend of CPTG® essential oils with Fractionated Coconut Oil to enjoy cooling relief on those affected areas.
3. An Athlete’s Secret Weapon
Whether you’re a professional or you just enjoy community sports, Deep Blue Rub is an essential addition to your sports kit. It’s even a game-changer for high school athletes with back-to-back practices, games, and workouts. Keep it handy for quick and effective relief whenever your body needs it most.
4. Weekend Warriors
After hours of gardening, heavy lifting, or DIY endeavors, your body will be crying out for some TLC. Treat yourself to the cooling relief of the Deep Blue Stick, rolling it onto your lower back, shoulders, neck, or wherever discomfort may be lurking.
5. Prepping for Anything
You never know what you’ll come across in your adventures, but you can always count on Deep Blue to keep yourself prepared! Whether you’re on the road, at a cabin, or on a thrilling adventure, this trusty natural solution will be there to offer relief whenever you need it. With their convenient size, Deep Blue Rub are within arm’s reach so you’re ready for any unexpected discomfort.
6. Calling All Creators
You can’t create works of art if you don’t feel like a work of art! Say goodbye to strained and tired hands with a soothing massage. Experience the cooling, warming sensation of Deep Blue Rub as your hands embrace the natural emollients, leaving them soft and smooth. No greasy after-feeling either—only pure bliss!
Deep Blue is the ultimate versatile companion for all your daily adventures. Click here to discover which products are the best fit for you so you can do what you love!


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