Understanding Your Team

One of the key factors to building a successful dōTERRA business is knowing where to place new Wellness Advocates. It will benefit you and each new Wellness Advocate if you understand what their strengths and goals. Knowing what each individual wants to achieve helps you better understand how to educate them and develop their roles. From the User to the Builder, you need to know where each person fits on your team.

The User

  • Loves dōTERRA and wants to be a Wellness Advocate for themselves and for their household.
  • Engaged in learning about the profound benefits essential oils have for their health and wellness.
  • Willing to refer family and friends who show interest to a dōTERRA leader for more information.

The Sharer

  • Loves the benefits of dōTERRA essential oils and wellness products and wants to casually share them with others.
  • Interested in earning enough in bonuses to pay for their monthly Loyalty Rewards order.
  • Willing to host or invite individuals to an event taught by a dōTERRA leader.

The Builder

  •  Interested in building a dōTERRA business and supplementing or replacing their income.
  • Takes the initiative to teach classes to introduce others to essential oils and the opportunities found at dōTERRA.
  • Uses dōTERRA's learning tools to enhance their knowledge of dōTERRA essential oils and business in order to better support their team members.

 Builders are going to be the foundation on which you will be able to create a successful dōTERRA business. For this reason, it’s important you place builders on the first and second levels of your organization. Sharers should be placed on your third level under builders. Users can then be placed under sharers. It is not uncommon that Wellness Advocates who begin as users quickly move into the role of a sharer or builder after experiencing the extraordinary benefits of the essential oils.

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