Enroller vs. Sponsor

When you personally enroll a Wellness Advocate and place them directly under another team member, that team member becomes the sponsor, but you maintain enrollership. This is different from sponsorship. It's a little confusing, but we are here to help.


When you sign someone up under you, you automatically become their enroller. As the enroller, you can move that new enrollee anywhere in your organization for the first 14 calendar days. Enrollership is important when determining Fast Start and rank advancement.

Enrollership belongs to the Wellness Advocate who contacted and shared dōTERRA with a friend. If you bring a friend with you to a class taught by your upline, you'll be the enroller. Your upline can help you determine the best place for this new Wellness Advocate. 


When you personally enroll a Wellness Advocate and then place them under another team member on your downline, they become the sponsor.

Sponsorship is important when referring to Power of 3 and commissions, which are based on structure. 

Wellness Advocates only give up enrollership when the sponsor has:

  • Shown their commitment and support to their team through teaching and mentoring.

  • Grown faster and stronger than the enrollee you are transferring to them.

  • Advanced in rank that needs the enrollership to reach a leadership level.

  • Benefits you as enroller to rank advance


Depth vs. Width

When your team members refer a friend or a family member to you, they may not be ready for the enrollership yet, but their contact should always be sponsored under them.

You will have the opportunity to create a structure that will help optimize your earnings and push your rank. When considering where to place new enrollees and members of your team, it is wise to consider placing them under someone that can mentor and support them. Consider placing them in a position that helps structure your volume.

Although you may plan to be the primary support for one of your enrollees, you may find that they would be best placed under a builder or sharer who is in a key position on your team. The Power of 3 teaches this concept by requiring structured depth as opposed to keeping all of your enrollees on your top level.

dōTERRA's unilevel pays out the largest percentage to those on your seventh paid level. This is because over time your team will be wider on that level than your top level, so you receive the highest percentage on the most advocates. Depth versus width, it’s important to understand where your best commissions will come from.

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