When Fear Falls Away

Catalin and Elena Cimpoesu

When Fear Falls Away

Elena joined her first network marketing company when she was just 18. She needed extra money for her university studies, and when the opportunity to enroll in a networking marketing academy arose, she jumped at the chance to get some business training. However, Elena got more than she bargained for.

“To my surprise,” says Elena, “the course was a ’life academy’ where I learned about myself, the meaning of life, and the effects of false belief systems and fear-based programming. I came to understand personal development is powerful, but it takes time, patience, and trust in the process. The beautiful reality is that networking marketing is the perfect platform for normal people to thrive and change their lives. You don’t have to be wired a certain way to succeed in this journey.”

The next several years gave Elena practical experience on both the business and personal development fronts, but when she became a mother, she stepped away from her business with the dream of returning one day.

Time marched on and Elena kept pace with the busy rhythms of motherhood, until a health crisis brought her to a screeching halt. Suddenly, Elena had time and motivation to reflect and re-evaluate the balance she thought she had struck in her life. “It took a health issue to understand I was living a deep illusion. I finally understood in a practical way that I was not happy. I carried many fears with me. When you think your life might end, you start to feel what really matters in this life. I wanted to achieve deep inner fulfillment. I wanted to help others do the same. So, I asked my mentors what I could do to bring happiness, love, and peace into my life. Their answer was simple: return to network marketing.”

Empowered and enlivened by renewed purpose, Elena began her search for the “perfect company.” When she found doTERRA, Elena was impressed by the company’s integrity and potential for changing lives. The compensation plan and retention rates were unlike any company she had work for before. And so, in July 2017, she enrolled as a Wellness Advocate and builder. 

In a shocking eight months, Elena hit the rank of Diamond for the first time. After jettisoning her fears and fine-tuning her core beliefs, Elena was unstoppable. Through sacrifice and soul-stretching work, she was now positioned to truly help others achieve their dreams. She says, “Before you can help someone in this process you must help yourself. Your mindset, your belief system, your paradigms, they all stem from what you know. Knowledge is power and any struggle you face or fear in your heart can be overcome through knowledge. The more you learn and know, the more you will have to share with those who look to you.”

“The internal always creates the external, never the other way around. If you are expecting and trying to control external circumstances to make yourself feel happy and successful, you will never get there.”


“One of my greatest challenges as a builder was starting without an upline. I learned everything from YouTube, and thank God so many powerful leaders have flooded the Internet with trainings. Jessie Reimers was one of those leaders that helped me understand the business and inspired me to build.”


“Because I didn’t understand the rules and grew so fast, I made many, many mistakes in the beginning of my journey. Personally, I don’t view them as mistakes. I think everything is a lesson, every problem is an opportunity, and every closed door opens another.”


“Your dreams are your destination, while doTERRA is the car you drive to get there. Don’t forget that the car, while it may be beautiful, comfortable, even luxurious, doesn’t move an inch without fuel. Your driving purpose is the fuel to get you to your dreams!”

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