A Balanced Mum

Elisabeth Zotlöterer

A Balanced Mum

The best Christmas present Elisabeth ever received was the business leader enrolment kit. “As a biologist, nature means very much to me, and the first time I opened the bottles, I could smell the highest quality and the love inside each of them,” Elisabeth reminisces. “From the very beginning, I wanted to have every single bottle in my home.” After experiencing her first AromaTouch™ application, Elisabeth felt stabilized in a way she had never felt before, so she decided to become a Wellness Advocate and an AromaTouch Trainer. 

Elisabeth started her business with two boys ages four and six. Her boys know that if they have a problem, she has a solution—“an oil for that!” Being a mom and running a business became Elisabeth’s balancing act. “All mums are working 24 hours, so it is always a challenge to have evening oil classes because you have to leave the house right on time—and hopefully dressed, balanced, and fresh,” says Elisabeth. “Some nights I was exhausted and downhearted knowing I cannot do everything 100 percent. Some days I felt really stretched thin and burned out with these challenges to both be a good mum and teach classes. But I realized that I don’t have to be perfect in everything.” She just had to secure a happy medium.

Being part of the Diamond Club really helped Elisabeth find more balance. “Before Diamond Club, I had no team—I was working alone. Diamond Club was an important tool to achieve new ranks and support and build a strong team.” Elisabeth feels joy when she sees her team growing, mentioning that the highlight of her business is “inspiring and empowering others and seeing their light shine.”

Having that team was critical when Elisabeth’s husband filed for divorce last year. “My world was broken, my energy gone, and I felt overwhelmed with my pain and fears,” she recalls. “And it was the first time I didn’t know an answer. It was really hard for me not to give up.” The life-changing event destabilised Elisabeth for a while. “But my team and my doTERRA family gave me support, joy, and happiness. It took some time for me to focus again on all the positive things happening around me, but now I am back in my full power because I want to make a difference in this world.”

Along with drawing comfort from her team and teaching classes for Diamond Club, Elisabeth gleans strength and inspiration when attending events, from European conventions to the international conventions in Utah. “I always tried to come to all events because ‘leaders are born on events,’ like Justin Harrison told us. Attending the Global Convention strengthened my trust in the company and my knowledge about the products, and set my heart totally on fire,” asserts Elisabeth. “The oils empowered me to take care of my family’s health, to balance my emotions, to overcome my fears, and to be the best version of me!”

“There’s always a solution—don’t ever give up! Dream big, and teamwork makes your dream work! —Elisabeth Zotlöterer


  1. Find your “why,” your passion
  2. Trust and believe in yourself and in the company
  3. Focus on your dreams and work hard
  4. Serve and empower people
  5. Change the world by making it a better place

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