European Oil Labels FAQ

A: The changes are necessary to ensure that we are compliant with current legislation in Europe.
A: doTERRA is dedicated to delivering consistently high-grade products across the range. We are committed to transparency; essential oils continue to have batch numbers, which can be checked for quality on the doTERRA Source To You website. All ingredients are listed on all products.
A: On a small number of products, in order to comply with EU regulation, we now have to use the botanical or less common name, however the product and actual ingredient is the same as before, unless we have advised separately of a product re-formulation.
A: In order to be compliant with current legislation in Europe, we must be clear on a single method of use to avoid conflicting messages and usage instructions. For example, a cosmetic-use product must say “For topical use only,” therefore it would be contradictory to also show it for flavouring or internal use. However, customers can continue to enjoy the products as they always have.
  • Food Flavouring (previously Internal)
  • Cosmetic (previously Topical)
  • Chemical (previously Diffusion)
A: The oils have been categorised in a way which we feel they are most commonly used.
A: It is not a requirement to licence or register the oils, but it is a requirement to label in line with the labelling legislation applicable to the product category.
A: By labelling it as a Skin Care Oil, it means that it is suitable for putting on the skin and can therefore be used for the many uses and benefits of topical application.
A: PIPs and Marketing Material will contain compliant, multi-usage information.
A: We have relabelled our products following regulatory guidance to ensure we are compliant with current European legislation. It was necessary on the cosmetic category products to sub divide the category to make it obvious what type of cosmetic product it is (i.e. to go on the skin). The food flavouring label regulation doesn’t have specific requirements that the function be listed, whereas the cosmetic regulation 1223/2009 does.
A: This is purely an EU labelling requirement to place on bottles that have been categorised for internal flavouring use. Different oils have a different number of drops, but for simplicity and consistency, the smallest number across the whole range was used. It is per oil per day, so multiple essential oils can be used throughout the day.
A: As stated above some oils can be recommended over one drop a day and Smart & Sassy is one of those oils.
A: Essential oils are complex compounds made up of a number of naturally occurring chemical constituents. Labelling regulations require some of these constituents to be listed in addition to the oil itself.
For example, Pure Eucalyptus oil is made up of a number of constituents including Citronellol, Eugenol, Geraniol, Limonene and Linalool which we are required to list separately on the bottle label. These are shown, marked with an asterisk, as naturally occurring oil compounds. They are not extra ingredients added to the oil, but the constituent parts of the oil itself.

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