How to perform this step | Oil 4: On Guard™

On Guard Essential Oil Blend


May have cleansing benefits.
Creates uplifting support.

Using the oil

Maintaining contact with the recipient, perform the following movements in order, starting with the Oil Introduction.

1 Oil Introduction

The Oil Introduction prepares the recipient to receive the oil while putting them into a state of relaxation.

2 Alternating Palm Slide

This motion is perpendicular to the spine and both hands remain parallel to each other and do not contour with the body. The smooth and repetitive movement makes the recipient feel calm and relaxed as you connect through the movement.

3 Five-Zone Activation

This move helps to calm the receiver through the five zones of the body—starting at the spine (Zone 1) and working outward (to Zone 5). These zones have an energetic connection, so working through them with multiple oils helps create an overall sense of wellness without needing to address every body part—we can focus on just the back and feet.

4 Thumb Walk Tissue Pull

Target the master zone from the base of the sacrum to the base of the head. This rhythmic technique taps parasympathetic connections, helping the body return to its proper rhythm. This movement is repeated twice in the technique due to its powerful benefits, creating the ultimate feeling of relaxation.

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