Leading With Sincerity

Monir & Tanja Daniëls

When Tanja Daniëls attended a bread­making workshop, she was surprised to find that it included a section on essential oils. Later that evening, Tanja came home with a small sample of essential oils to which her husband, Monir, exclaimed, “That’s doTERRA! I saw that during a health fair and had completely forgotten that I wanted to buy.”

Tanja and Monir had occasionally used essential oils before, but only aromatically. When they heard that essential oils had effective benefits, it encouraged both of them to look deeper. They researched about doTERRA essential oils and got a couple oils to try. Tanja says, “I will never forget how that first experience felt. I put a few drops on the back of my neck, and after only a few minutes, I felt so refreshed and awake.” As a mom of two at the time, those feelings had been few and far between, and they truly made an impression on her. 

Their success with the oils inspired Tanja and Monir to share and enroll others without knowing much about the business; they simply wanted to educate others about the benefits of essential oils, and that led them to great success. In fact, their upline even reached out to them and asked if they could teach their team how to do the business. After this invitation, Tanja and Monir studied the doTERRA business, and from there they say, “We agreed on going into the business together, and we never regretted it.”

Having met at a health coach training in Germany, Tanja and Monir have always shared an interest in natural health, and their various careers have given them experience in trainings and presentations—initially attracting them to the doTERRA business. Together, they use their mutual love for health, their experience, and their strong relationship to support one another in caring for their three children and building a team full of purpose and potential.

“I wish I had realized this from the beginning—everything you say to another person counts toward their experience in doTERRA. Your influence starts the moment you begin.”

Tanja and Monir say, “We want to create a natural health movement by educating others about the possibilities of aromatherapy and empower people to take full responsibility for their life and wellbeing.” Every day, they educate and share with this idea in mind, helping many to find a higher stand  ard of living.

Throughout Tanja and Monir’s journey, they have found that the greatest success comes from serving others and being the best leaders they can be. Tanja says, “We believe that the energy we project is exactly what we create. We ask ourselves, ‘What can we do better? How can we prevent this from happening in the future?’” This reflection helps them make the right changes to become heart­filled and genuine leaders, resulting in a strong team that is making a difference. 

For Tanja and Monir, Diamond is just one stop on their doTERRA journey. Their ambitions to keep sharing the oils and to help their leaders motivate them to continue forward. Since their decision to start doTERRA, they have seen great personal development in themselves and others, and have been able to share the importance of natural health and giving back with their children. Tanja says, “We are a healthy, happy, and vibrant family. What more can one wish for?”

"What you put in is exactly what you get out!"



“Discover what they can do for your own health and wellbeing. Only start sharing when you really feel passionate about helping improve the health of others and when you are confident about the products you want to share.”


“Do not think you need to know it all. Choose 10 oils or products to start with, and get to know them and how to use them so that you feel confident when you talk about them to others. Do not overwhelm yourself or others with too much information.”


 “Your leaders will duplicate your actions. Be aware of that in every step along your way, and you will create an amazing career with doTERRA that you can be proud of. I always knew I would impact people’s lives through doTERRA, but I realized I already have and it’s happening now.”


“The key step to Diamond was taking time to get to know our leaders and their dreams and goals and to create a mentoring and support plan with them. Reaching Diamond is all about teamwork.”

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