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bloom - doTERRA |  Europe | Convention 2024
23 - 25 May 2024


Set to be the best doTERRA Europe Convention to date, our speaker lineup is getting ready behind the scenes to give every attendee the inspiration to bloom...

Here are just some of the amazing people who will be taking the spotlight - you need to join us in Turin for the full speaker experience!

Corporate Speakers and Partners

From key figures of doTERRA's legacy to specialists in their field, our corporate guests and speakers will educate, enlighten and excite your passion for all things wellness!

Emily Wright

Founding Executive and
Chair of the Board

Emily is a caring and seasoned Executive with an innate ability to see what is possible. Representing the origin of our legacy and the power of doTERRA's future, she collaborates with a powerful corporate team as well as Wellness Advocates and customers around the globe to unite in a common cause.

Dr Russell Osguthorpe

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Osguthorpe and his teams are committed to discovering how science, clinical research and technology can improve healthcare, and how doTERRA essential oils can impact wellness. He is also a certified paediatrician and disease specialist. We look forward to welcoming him to doTERRA Europe Convention for the first time!

Isaac Wilson

Vice President, Europe

Isaac's leadership has and continues to be integral to the development of doTERRA Europe. His passion for cultivating success among European leaders has continued to help us grow. With a background in accountancy, mergers and acquisitions, and treasury, Isaac's wealth of expertise will help us focus on the future and triple our impact!

Mihaela Oprea

Managing Director
Leadership Experience

Born and raised in Romania, Mihaela brings nearly 20 years of experience in the direct selling industry. Her love for helping people improve their lives and develop into leaders was fuelled by doTERRA's long-term vision to leave a legacy. In her role, Mihaela leads the teams who directly support members, including Sales, Marketing, Events and Leadership Services, to achieve the company’s mission to triple our impact.

Michael Schluchter

Managing Director
Business Operations

Michael has been in the direct selling industry for more than two decades, and prides himself on his problem-solving approach. Working closely with doTERRA's Operations, Finance and Business Development teams, he strives to inspire engagement, find solutions, and implement growth strategies to support every member of our doTERRA family.

Erik Parronchi

Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager, Latin America & Southern Europe

With 15 years of experience in managerial roles and over 25 years of experience in professional supply chain positions, Erik manages all supply chains within our Latin America and Southern Europe markets, guaranteeing both large-scale and long-term supply of essential oils for doTERRA.

Scientific and Medical Education Committee (SMEC)

Dr Fernando Guerra


Dr Fernando Guerra is a General Practice Physician who specialises in sports medicine, babies and children. He works with a variety of male and female sports teams and in the Paediatric Emergency Department at the Barreiro-Montijo Hospital Centre.

Alexandra Nitsche


Alexandra Nitsche is a specialist in general medicine. As a physician with extensive experience in emergency medicine as well as in aviation, diving and hyperbaric medicine, among others, Alexandra's first priority is the wellbeing of her patients.

Sourcing Partners

Aşık Yıldırım

Sourcing Partner, Turkey

Aşık is Managing Partner of his family company EFECAN, a large distillery in Turkey that produces oregano and laurel leaf essential oils. With a degree in Food Engineering and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) qualification, Aşık's commitment to high quality oils ensures that all operations, resources and people work together successfully.

Vilfredo Raymo

Sourcing Partner, Italy

Vilfredo is Managing Director of Simone Gatto, a family company in Sicily, Italy. Since opening in 1926, Simone Gatto has become a leading producer of Italian citrus oils and juices, such as lemon, mandarin, bergamot and orange. Vilfredo has a degree in Industrial Chemistry and has helped this wonderful business grow for 40 years.

Wellness Advocate Speakers

Our members help our legacy to flourish and bloom! Everyone's doTERRA journey is unique, and we can't wait to introduce you to some of our cherished Wellness Advocates who will share their experiences, advice and successes.

David Hsiung

Double Presidential Diamond (United States) | North America Chinese Language (NACL) Founder, Taiwan Founder, Founder

Claudia & Ruedi Brunner

Presidential Diamonds
Switzerland & Liechtenstein Founders

Silvia Malik

Presidential Diamond
Romania & Moldova Founder

Marco & Sabrina Petrollini

Blue Diamonds
Italy Founders

Cristina Murcia

dōTERRA Healing Hands™ Zumba Activity

Jamie Reid

dōTERRA Healing Hands™ Tai Chi Activity

Also In Attendance

Lisa Rooney

Regional Director Europe West

Oliver Szobonya

Regional Director Europe East

Christian Albrecht

Sales Manager, Germany

Kristijan Sipus

Sales Manager, Alpine

Mafalda Pulido

Sales Manager, Portugal and Spain

Claudia Stepan

Sales Manager, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania & Moldova

Michal Paciorek

Sales Manager, Poland

Sally Shipley

Sales Manager, UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta & Estonia

Abby Stopher

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Ludo Bolcato

Product Education Manager

Antonino D'aniello

Junior Sales Manager
Adriatic Region

Empowerment Day Speakers

Mihaela Oprea
David Hsuing
Natalie & Andy Goddard
Dany & Thomas Hudribusch
Simona Buburuz
Jenny Klein-Betz
Katrin von Arx
Sarah Schumacher
Andreea Bizon
Emily Mascarenhas
Nadia Negro
Enikő Gaal
Marco Pesenti

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