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Here at dōTERRA [doh-teh-ruh], a Latin derivative meaning "gift of the earth", we pride ourselves on being a world leader in essential oils. Our legacy combines a commitment for nurturing and production to create the purest quality essential oils, with a passion for humanity.

We stand out in the essential oil industry, as the value of our products reflects the extensive care and research we put into using only the highest quality botanicals.

Our Story

What Are Essential Oils And How Can They Support You?

Some of earth's most beautiful plants contain powerful chemical compounds, called essential oils, which can help enhance our wellbeing in a multitude of ways.

Soothe your skin, bring flavour to food and drink, add as an energising boost to your day and more! With our focus on pursuing what's pure, you can be your best self every day, the way Mother Nature intended.

Five Wellness Heroes To Get You Started

More Than Essential Oils!

Our diverse product range incorporates our devotion to pure essential oils. Featuring everyday necessities that can support you from morning to evening, you can find a host of must-haves that work for you.

Explore our full range of wellness products and start incorporating them into your daily life today!
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CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™

doTERRA created unique standards of product quality to ensure our oils meet our exact requirements for purity and potency. CPTG, Certified Pure Tested Grade, is a rigorous internal and third-party testing process that ensures there are no fillers, contaminants or adulterations. Our purity of products and processes help preserve the natural benefits of the plant, meaning we can help provide peace of mind for the user.

Certified Pure Tested Grade™

Our Impact

Behind every bottle is a story to be told...

dōTERRA's presence at every step of the sourcing journey creates widespread positive impact; we call this Co-Impact Sourcing. Partnering directly with local farmers across 45 countries, doTERRA sources oils from where the plants naturally thrive. With the help of local growers and their deep understanding of plants, climate and practices, thousands of jobs are created that provide long-term, fixed income to support workers, families and local communities.

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By the end of 2030, our goal is to triple our impact with the people we empower, communities we serve, lives we improve and the progress we make in sustainability and science.

View our Impact Report below for a deeper exploration into the changes we're making:

Annual Impact Report

doTERRA Healing Hands empowers others worldwide to be healthy, safe and self-reliant. We have supplied much-needed water irrigation systems in farming areas, helped provide aid for disaster relief programmes, contributed to the prevention of human trafficking and taken action for other vital causes.

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By improving the everyday life of those in our network and across the globe, we can look forward to a brighter future for all.

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