About the AromaTouch Hand Technique™

While the AromaTouch Technique is the go-to for almost every circumstance, its full potential requires time and an ideal setting. This is where the AromaTouch Hand Technique proves invaluable. Caring touch and the correct application of essential oils offer restorative human connection. Anyone can perform the technique and it only takes a few minutes to complete on both hands.

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AromaTouch Hand Technique FAQs

How to Perform the AromaTouch Hand Technique

The movements in the Hand Technique are simple, but deliver a powerful wellness experience. To fully achieve the desired benefits, carefully follow the sequence to master the technique and achieve optimal results.

1 Oil Introduction and Dorsum Tissue Stretch

This movement is the giver’s opportunity to help the recipient feel comfortable with their touch. Explain the motions to prepare them for the benefits they will receive through the technique. Apply light to medium pressure during this step. The exercise will take around 30 seconds from start to finish.

2 Regional Tissue Pull

This step is focused on the palm of the hand in regions 1, 2, and 3. This step stimulates the skin, which starts the absorption process. The pressure through this step is light to medium pressure and should take at least one minute to perform.

3 PinPoint Zone Activation

This is the most methodical step. This movement is done three times through each zone. The Five Zones start at the point of the wrist and go all the way through the tip of each finger, starting with the thumb (Zone 1) and finishing through the little finger (Zone 5). The pressure through this step is medium pressure with consistent rhythm. It should take at least 2 minutes to perform.

4 Interphalangeal Pull

The Interphalangeal Pull addresses the tissue in between each finger. Use your pointing finger and thumb to pull on this tissue, beginning where the fingers start to spread apart from each other and pull away from their body. This movement helps to close the hand technique. The pressure on this step is light to medium pressure with a fluid pulling motion. It should only take about 30 seconds to perform.

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