What can a Wellness Advocate do to abide by GDPR?

In general, if a Wellness Advocate only uses personal data within the tools provided in the virtual office, his or her GDPR compliance will be relatively simple, as doTERRA will keep the virtual office updated. If however, a Wellness Advocate downloads lists containing personal data from the virtual office, or creates his or her own tools and or lists of personal data, then the Wellness Advocate must comply with all aspects of GDPR pertaining to a Data Controller. These responsibilities include, among other things, the list provided in number 10 above. Wellness Advocates must keep all known personal data he or she receives from Customers and newly enrolled Wellness Advocates strictly confidential and private. After a Member successfully enrols with doTERRA, and their information is entered into doTERRA’s system, please delete or destroy personal or private data, as it is no longer necessary to keep.

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