What should I do before enroling as a GAC Wellness Advocate?

Before enroling, a new member should prepare means to (1) pay for product in US dollars and (2) have their package(s) forwarded from their US shipping address to their home country.

1. How do I pay for product? 

The easiest way to pay for product is to open an international bank account that provides a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card number. Other methods may be arranged on an exception basis if necessary.

2. How do I get product shipped to me? 

The easiest method is to select a freight forwarder based in the US and provide their address once you have opened an account with them. Many Wellness Advocates prefer www.myus.com, but any freight forwarder should suffice. Some members make arrangements with their upline, friends, or family who may travel frequently, or they may have logistics of their own already set up.

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