Influence with Integrity

Paul & Teri Helms


The world does not care what my title is. I have the freedom of anonymity in Target. Paul McCartney does not. We are all blessed to be a part of a culture where within this tiny microcosm of a fishbowl, people might think we’ve arrived. But, until you’re Paul McCartney, I don’t want you acting like it.”

Knowing she’s not Paul McCartney, Teri works with her team members in an equal partnership. When she travels to their area, she asks them to lay the ground work so that she can be effective when she’s there. She emphasizes putting their needs above her own. She says, “It’s all going to come together if you serve. It’s always better to lead with a wash basin and a towel than it is to attempt to wave and wield a scepter. Service is the true point and power of leadership.”

Through doTERRA, Teri feels that her life has been reawakened. She says, “There were routines and actions that had become habits that were not serving my potential to influence the world in a positive way. doTERRA has reawakened my passion for influencing with integrity, character, and purpose.”



“I felt like if I set the example and used the oils and the people close to me saw a change, then they would know where to go to if they have a need. You are your greatest force of control."


“So many people mean well, but my personal experience is that it’s best if things are initiated through personal choice rather than coercion or influence that can cloud the path of that choice.”


“It’s not my job to convince anyone of anything. It’s just my job to share the opportunity for oils and for this business and let people make the decision based on what they evaluate their needs to be.”


“Everyone has a circle of influence, and in order to be exposed to that you need to make sure that your touch point with that person is solid, sincere, and operating from a point of integrity.”

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