Part 5: Oxygenated Compounds—Ketones


Ketones are very similar to aldehydes as they also feature an oxygen with a double bond; however, this functional group always occurs somewhere in the middle of a carbon chain rather than on the end. Ketones can be identified from their scientific name, which usually end with the suffix “-one.” Common ketones found in essential oils are carvone and menthone.

Main Health Effects:

  • Improves the appearance of skin1
  • Some have calming properties2
  • Supports healthy respiratory function3*
  • Promotes healthy digestion4*

Essential Oil Main Ketone Constituent(s) Amount
Dill2,4* carvone Approximately 50%
Peppermint 3*,4* menthone Approximately 15%
Rosemary 2,3*,4* camphor Approximately 10%
Fennel 2,3*,4* frenchone Approximately 5%
Lavender 1,2 octanone Approximately 5%

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