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Grapefruit Essential Oil Product Description

Commonly known for its sour and tangy taste, grapefruit is the rotund, yellow-orange fruit of an evergreen citrus tree. Grapefruit essential oil is derived from the rind of this fruit and is cherished for its many uses and benefits. The aroma of Grapefruit essential oil matches the citrus and fruity flavors of its origin and provides an invigorating and energizing aroma. Diffused Grapefruit oil invokes a sense of clarity, and due to its main chemical component, limonine, can help to uplift mood. With its powerful cleansing properties, Grapefruit oil is valued for its skin care benefits and ability to promote the appearance of clear, healthy-looking skin when applied topically. 


Where to Buy Grapefruit Essential Oil

To buy a pure and potent bottle of Grapefruit oil, visit the Grapefruit essential oil product page.  

Essential oils are treasured for their many life-enhancing benefits. However, many essential oils available to purchase are comprised of contaminants and filler substances, which weaken the benefits and effectiveness of the essential oil. To guarantee that the essential oils doTERRA sells are pure, potent, and highly effective, doTERRA places each batch of essential oils through a series of strict tests that determine the purity and potency of each oil. This testing series is called the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® protocol. Once the oils have gone through the protocol and are found to be potent, pure, and safe, the essential oils are sold so that individuals and families everywhere can experience the enriching benefits of essential oils.

Grapefruit Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

  1. Teenage years can be rough, and with constant blemishes making their appearance, feelings of self-consciousness can quickly add to already existing frustrations. For a simple way to help your teenager improve the appearance of blemishes, add Grapefruit essential oil to his or her nightly facial routine (avoid sun exposure for up to 12 hours after applying any citrus oil topically).
  2. Enjoy a soothing massage with Grapefruit essential oil. For a good pick-me-up after a long day, apply Grapefruit oil and massage in needed areas. The Grapefruit oil will leave behind a light, uplifting fragrance and will also help improve the appearance of blemishes where it is applied. For the areas massaged, avoid UV light for up to 12 hours after applying citrus oils topically.
  3. Make sure to spread the effects of Grapefruit essential oil to your entire body by adding it to your body scrubs and body wash. This essential oil addition will emit an invigorating scent and help smooth the skin. 
  4. Often times, reading or studying for long periods of time can cause the mind to wander and lose focus. For those moments when you need a boost to help you study or you are wanting to finish up the last pages of a book, diffuse Grapefruit essential oil. Diffusing Grapefruit oil will help promote a sense of focus while studying or reading. 

Fun Fact

The name “grapefruit” is attributed to the fruits growing in clusters that resemble those of grapes.

Plant Description

The Grapefruit plant, Citrus X paradisi, is a small perennial tree that grows to be 15 to 30 feet high with an equal spread. The leaves of the tree are a lively green color and are ovate in shape. These leaves have an obvious mid-vein down their center and can grow to be four inches long. The tree also produces fragrant, four-petaled flowers that are white in color. The fruit of the tree is grapefruit, which is a rounded fruit with a smooth, finely dotted peel. doTERRA Grapefruit essential oil is extracted from the peel, or rind, of this fruit. 

Chemistry of Grapefruit Essential Oil
Main Chemical Components: d-Limonene

The main chemical constituent of Grapefruit essential oil is d-limonene. Limonene is in the monoterpenes group and possesses strong uplifting aromatic characteristics.1 The uplifting benefits found in limonene are what make Grapefruit oil a great oil for aromatic use. Limonene also has the ability to dissolve oils, which makes it a common ingredient in hand cleansers. To learn more about limonene or other chemicals found in essential oils, visit the doTERRA Science Blog.

Oils that Blend Well with Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit blends well with a variety of different essential oils for additional body and mind benefits. For an ideal blend, combine Grapefruit with FrankincenseYlang YlangGeraniumLavenderPeppermintRosemary, and Bergamot essential oils for diffusion.


Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas. Avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying product.

1. "Emotional Aromatherapy: Psychology Meets Chemistry"

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