Tips and Ideas for Chinese New Year

Looking for ideas to incorporate your favourite oils to your Chinese New Year celebration? Below are some ideas you can consider when decorating your home for the new year!

CNY Decorative Garlands - Nothing beats creating the festive mood than some decorations in the house. Decorate your home with our Chinese New Year Cotton Ball Garlands for that additional sprinkle of doTERRA joy!

What you need:

  • Wool balls
  • String
  • Needle
  • A couple drops of Tangerine


  1. Thread your needle with string. Tie a knot on long end.
  2. Pull your needle through the wool balls one at a time.
  3. Once all balls are on, tie a knot on the other end. 
  4. Naturally diffuse your favorite oils through the holidays on these wool balls. Place one drop of oil on a couple balls throughout your strand.
  5. Enjoy the smell of Tangerine around the house

Personalized Essential Oil Ang Pows - For those giving out Ang Pows this season, why not add a drop of your favourite oil on your Ang Pow and spread your love for essential oils to all those that you care.

Diffusing Through The Festive Season - Keep the diffuser running off your New Year oil. TangerineGrapefruit and Smart & Sassy™ are great for the season!

Never Do Visiting Without Your Handy Essential Oil - Don’t forget to carry along a handy oil, or 2 when visiting. You never know when you would need DigestZen® or Peppermint amidst all the busy visiting times. 

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