Scheduling Time to Build Legacies

Vanessa Woozley

“The focus has always been on helping other mums find natural solutions for their families to help transform the health of the next generation. I realize we are at a critical time on this planet for a change in health both physically and mentally, and doTERRA is a powerful vehicle to make this happen.”

Scheduling Time to Build Legacies

“I knew that there was so much more to this life then paying the bills and waiting for holidays.” This thought helped Vanessa Woozley leave her corporate job to study and qualify as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist while running a doTERRA business as a single mom. Though she’s had her challenges, Vanessa’s purpose for sticking through it all had to be held so strongly that it integrated into everything she did. “There have been key moments where I’ve had to be very clear about my why, come back to my priorities, and drop activities that didn’t put me on the right path,” Vanessa states. Her driving goal: to influence other single parents and their children. 

Scheduling has always helped Vanessa sort through her priorities and make time for everything she wants to do. “Many times, I gave too much of myself,” Vanessa explains, “and I lacked the self-care to allow the business to flow with grace. It was always resolved with a schedule for me. It might not sound like fun, but calendaring allowed me to feel like I could fit everything into my week. I booked in exercise time, meditation, as well as all the other key objectives for the business. I worked evenings and weekends because those were the times that I had.” Surprisingly, Vanessa made rank advancements during the same months she had exams. “In those months my time was so focused that I know I made every moment streamlined. No procrastinating; I had to be efficient.”

Because of her time spent planning, Vanessa hasn’t felt like she’s sacrificing everything for her business. “I am doing what I love with a company that I believe will always take the highest ethical stand, and that’s important to me.” Vanessa found ways to integrate being a mom into her business life by taking her daughter to events and recording live videos with her talking about the oils. “These were fun! The videos helped me overcome my fears, but they also proved very popular, positively impacting many mums and their children.”

“We all start our business with limiting beliefs,” Vanessa found out. “Mine were that I don’t have enough time. At times I felt stuck feeling like I don’t do anything well and thinking, ‘I’m not giving enough to my team,’ ‘I want to be able to help more customers,’ ‘How do I juggle being with my daughter, studying for exams, and propelling a business?’” In those exacting moments, Vanessa came back to her core values and purpose. “I reorganized my time (especially with each new rank) and made new commitments. My resolute beliefs have helped shape my team’s determination, some of whom are in similar situations as mine. I love that I can pass this legacy of belief to the next mum or dad trying to help others in their community.”

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