Ioana Marginean - AromaTouch Trainer

Ioana Marginean

Romania, Moldova, UK, France, Spain, Italy

About Ioana

My journey with dōTERRA started in January 2017. I have discovered the AromaTouch technique since the beginning but I have attended to my first training in May 2018 with Gabriela Haeussner. This moment marked a significant turning point for me, introducing me to the world holistic well-being.

Why do you love the AromaTouch Technique?

I hold a deep love for the AromaTouch Technique, and my journey with it has been incredibly enriching.

I have attended numerous AromaTouch trainings since 2018 for my team.

I've not only embraced the technique for its inherent therapeutic qualities but also as a means of fostering deeper connections within my team.

Teaching my team to incorporate the AromaTouch Technique into a weekly routine has been transformative. It goes beyond a simple wellness practice; it's become a ritual that deepens our connections and enhances our well-being.

The carefully selected essential oils, the rhythmic massage techniques, and the holistic approach have woven themselves into the fabric of healing relationships.

For me, the AromaTouch Technique is not just a method of relaxation; it's a language of care and connection.

The aromatic journey, coupled with the physical touch, creates a unique and profound experience that extends beyond the moment. It has become a shared journey within our team, creating a space for understanding, support, and a deeper bond with our loved ones.

Every application of the AromaTouch Technique is a reminder of the power of touch, the therapeutic benefits of essential oils, and the joy of sharing this knowledge with those around me.

It's not just a technique; it's a way of expressing love and care in its purest form. 

Why would you encourage others to learn the AromaTouch Technique?

Encouraging others to learn the AromaTouch Technique is a powerful recommendation for several reasons:

  • Holistic Well-being: It offers a holistic approach to relaxation, stress reduction, and overall balance.
  • Connection and Bonding: The technique fosters deep connections and empathy through intentional touch and essential oils.
  • Accessible Self-Care: Once learned, it becomes an accessible self-care tool, empowering individuals to enhance their well-being regularly.
  • Sharing the Joy: Teaching the technique allows for the sharing of well-being with others, creating a positive ripple effect.
  • Complements Various Modalities: It seamlessly complements various health and wellness practices, making it versatile for different lifestyles.
  • Natural Solutions: By utilizing pure and natural essential oils, the technique promotes natural solutions for overall health.

In essence, the AromaTouch Technique is a simple yet impactful skill that enriches lives, fosters connection, and empowers individuals to prioritize their health and happiness.

To let Ioana know of your interest in the AromaTouch Technique, send her an email here:

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