Life Changing

Sabine & Matthias Quaritsch

While Matthias and Sabine Quaritsch were experimenting with essential oil products from another company, Matthias noticed that an old friend, Adheesh Piel, was also using essential oils. Matthias contacted Adheesh, who sent them a package with some doTERRA essential oils, toothpaste, and the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®. Matthias and Sabine recall, “We started using the toothpaste. That was simple, and we were quite impressed. The rest of the package was lying somewhere getting dusty because we didn’t know what to do with it. In a long Skype talk with Adheesh, he explained and showed us how to use the oils. Then the journey started.”

As Matthias and Sabine started using doTERRA essential oils, they noticed immediately that the oils were unique. They began researching the business opportunity as well. Both Matthias and Sabine have backgrounds in marketing, and they both had experience in leading teams; however, they still feel they have learned so much during their time with the doTERRA business.

Matthias and Sabine work together in the business and split up responsibilities according to their strengths and preferences. Matthias explains, “Sabine is very enthusiastic and has a good emotional connection with people, so she usually does the intro classes and new contacts. But it depends on the audience—sometimes I do the intro classes when it feels right. I am a quieter person, and a bit more rational. I also take care of the financial aspects. We do the trainings together, and we also work on strategy and new projects together.”

The Quaritsches also feel blessed to be able to work with their two children—their 23-year-old daughter and 20-year-old son. “They help us a lot with the daily business, and it’s so much fun to work with our kids! It gives a new quality to our family relationships.” While their children are older, it can still be a struggle at times to balance family with business. For Matthias and Sabine, the silver lining is that with their doTERRA business, they see each other more often because their work is based at home.

“doTERRA is far more than just the essential oils. It’s a lifestyle—a chance to do something you’ve never done before.”

The Why that keeps driving Matthias and Sabine to share doTERRA products is their passion for helping others improve their health and wellbeing. They love sharing the doTERRA business to help others gain financial freedom as well. “We want to help our friends to live their dreams in life.” Matthias and Sabine also each have their own unique Whys that push them to work harder. Matthias explains, “My Why is to be able to live in freedom with my family—free from financial limits, free from restrictive working hours, and free from a boss who tells me what to do. Sabine’s Why is a ranch with horses, where our family and friends can come, and where we can establish a retreat to create ideas and to train people.”

While they still have more to accomplish, Matthias and Sabine are grateful for the changes that have already come into their lives thanks to doTERRA. “Our life has completely changed. Work doesn’t feel like work anymore. From here, we still have so much to learn. Stay curious and open.” 



“Listen to those who are already successful with the doTERRA business. Take their advice, and copy as much as you can. There is no need to invent the wheel again—there are already a lot of wheels on the road, so just take one of them.”


“Think about what is special about you. Is there anything that you are really good at? Everybody is good at something! Can you put this together with the oils and the business?”


“Is there something that is necessary for your business, but you aren’t good at it? Look for help! Help yourself develop new skills and become competent in what you need to do.”


“The most important thing is your Why! Wake up with your Why, go to bed with your Why, put it on a note that you keep in your purse, write it on your coffee cup, change it if you like.”

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