dōTERRA Founders Club

The Founders Club Program is designed to recognise our Leaders who are building their business within a specific market. Online, we recognise both Europe Founders and country-specific Founders within Europe. Newly qualified Founders will receive one of our globe trophies and Founders who have retained their title will receive a different gift each year.

Founders will also receive the opportunity to walk on stage at Convention.

Qualification Criteria

Information on the qualification criteria for Founders Club can be found here.


The program is updated online once a year on 1 March. Founders Club gifts are sent in the month of February.


This globe trophy is the perfect gift to proudly display in your home. It will be a reminder of your achievements within Founders Club and your contribution towards growing your business within your region. They are created especially for our doTERRA qualifiers; every element of it is made just for you!


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