dōTERRA Europe Presidential Diamonds

Monika & Viliam Batka - PD

Monika & Viliam Batka

“I am proud of every single person who decides to trust nature and see for themselves what a miracle these oils are.”

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Georgiana & Klaus Birthler - PD

Georgiana & Klaus Birthler


Claudia & Ruedi Brunner - PD

Claudia & Ruedi Brunner


Andras Gyenis & Melody Gyenis-Angyal - PD

Andras Gyenis & Melody Gyenis-Angyal


Daniela Huelsen

Daniela Huelsen

“Be committed, never doubt that you will reach your goals and always choose love over fear, even when fear creeps in and tries to convince you that you will fail.”

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Angela Kersten & Oliver Kersten-Petsch - PD

Angela Kersten & Oliver Kersten-Petsch


Silvia & Sergiu Malik - PD

Silvia & Sergiu Malik


Ioana & Raul-Ovidiu Marginean

“My journey has just started. My biggest desire is to never stop rising, never stop helping, never stop learning, never stop exploring, never stop oiling.”

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Feli & Bogdan Popescu


Sabine & Matthias Quaritsch

“Is there something that is necessary for your business, but you aren’t good at it? Look for help! Help yourself develop new skills and become competent in what you need to do.”

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Denisa-Nicoleta & Olkan Vural


To be featured in online rank recognition, members must achieve the rank of Silver or above once during the qualification period. Online recognition is updated at the beginning of each quarter.

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