Why dōTERRA?


Higher Standards

If you want to buy essential oils (essential oils), you might make some lifestyle changes—including replacing your traditional synthetic products with natural ones. So, what happens if the essential oil you buy still contains synthetic chemicals that you actually want to avoid?

In fact, not all essential oils are the same. Many essential oils on the market are heavily contaminated or adulterated with chemicals, often to make the product cheaper. The classic expression, "Ada price ada rupa" also applies to essential oils. Low prices oftenindicate cheap products, full of mixed ingredients and synthetic ingredients and additives. When you're building a healthy lifestyle that's free of synthetic ingredients, it's certainly not what you're looking for.

Effective and pure essential oils are non-negotiable. Purity not only gives you that the essential oil is of the highest quality, but also that it will allow you to reap allthe benefits that nature offers. That's why, at doTERRA, we created our own industry standard for essential oil purity: CPTG®.

CPTG essential oil passes through various tests that check for contaminants and verify their purity. After passing internal tests, doTERRA essential oil is sent to a third party for further testing. Theessential products of doTERRA meet these strict standards, as quality is also non-negotiable for us. When you look at the CPTG label, you know that you are using the best essential oils on the market.

The essential doTERRA is different — and with just one drop, you'll understand why

How to Find Pure Essential Oils

In addition to passing rigorous CPTG tests, how do you really know if the essential oil you are using is pure? Finding the best essential oil is not difficult, you just need to know what to check.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering buying from an essential oil company:

  • Where do their essential oils come from? Do they get their essential oils sustainably and responsibly?
  • Do they test their essential oils for counterfeiting and contamination? Isthe testing extensive and complete?
  • Do they use third-party testing? Are they transparent by announcingtheir test results?
  • Do they show their customers how to use essential oils safely? Is this safety and usage information clear and easily accessible?

Your family deserves the best essential oils. Ask tough questions so you know what you're buying worth bringing to your home!

Test the doTERRA Product

doTERRA is not an exception—we want you to ask you hard questions about us as well.

Here's our answer:

Sustainability and Procurement
Each doTERRA essential oil is carefully extracted from the area where the mother plant thrives. Once the location is identified, doTERRA partners with local farmers and refiners to create an impact that lasts far beyond the essential oil itself. This sustainable and responsible procurement method is called Co-Impact Sourcing ®.

Menyeluruh Testing
doTERRA performs CPTG testing on each essential oil and is willing to lose money by disposing of batches that do not meet these standards.

After internal CPTG testing, each batch of essential oils is sent to a third party for furthertesting and validation. doTERRA publishes every essential oil test result on the Source to You™ website, so you can (literally) see the purity of each bottle of essential oil you hold in hand. Just find the quality ID number at the bottom of the bottle, and testit yourself.

Accessible Safety Information
Safety and use guidelines are printed on the label of each bottle of essential oil, and more information about the safety of each essential oil is thoroughly reviewed and published on every page of our sales site. Information about the safety of essential oils in general can be found on the doTERRA website, so that you and your family can confidently use your essential oils.

More Than Just Essential Oils

doTERRA's mission is to change the world one drop, one person, one community at a time. Through responsible sourcing practices and the efforts of our charitable organization, doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, every bottle of essential oil has an impact far beyond your home.

Responsible Procurement

Whatever the cost, doTERRA's priority when looking for essential oils is to protect the environment and provide fair treatment to all harvesters, growers and refiners. It is called Co-Impact Sourcing, and is an important part of the dōTERRA business model. Below are eight guiding principles of Co-Impact Sourcing:

  • Generating Jobs : Reducing poverty by creating and retaining jobs
  • Providing Fair and Timely Payments : Offering manufacturers consistent and fair payments, including prepayments
  • Supplier Capacity Building: Supporting farmers, producers, and refiners through training and financial support
  • Maintaining Long-Term Partnerships: Providing long-term contracts with farmers and refiners based on solidarity and respect
  • Ensuring Fair Labor Conditions : Create a healthy and safe work environment, free from harassment and discrimination
  • Advancing cooperatives: Guaranteeing the right of all employees and producers to join and form cooperatives
  • Continuing Environmental Stewardship : Promoting energy-saving technologies, renewable energy, and waste minimization
  • Facilitating Community Development : Supporting community development projects in community procurement such as schools, health clinics, training facilities, and clean water systems

doTERRA is proud toapply the guiding principles of procurement that make the world a better place.

Humanitarian Impact

From the beginning, doTERRA wanted to be more than just a business. "There are givers and there are recipients," said David Stirling, Founding Executive, CEO of doTERRA . "We want doTERRA to be the giver."

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation is a charitable organization that seeks to support community development projects in procurement and local communities.

These projects include disaster relief; anti-trafficking prevention, rescue, and rehabilitation; microloan programs; and women's hygiene education.

Cutting-Edge Research

As a leader in the essential oil industry, doTERRA invests in research and testing to remain at the forefront of essential oil science. Through partnerships with research institutes, hospitals, and universities, doTERRA is always learning more about the potential of essential oils.

"The mission of doTERRA relies on the discovery and development of the most potent and effective essential oils," said Dr. David Hill, Founding Executive of doTERRA , Scientific and Healthcare Initiatives. "These studies demonstrate our leadership in the scientific advancement of essential oils, as well as our commitment to ensuring strong results for families and individuals using doTERRA essential oil."


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