Valerie Gibson

Welcome to my DoTerra site! If your here, you already know me but let me tell you a little bit more about me:) I am super passionate about what I do. I started a fitness facility and have been fortunate because of all the amazing people it has attracted!!! It is called Zuga Fitness! I love watching people come in looking for fitness and what they find is a community of like-minded souls, feeling empowered and having FUN! My favorite things outside of my job are motorcycle riding, partner acrobatics and most of all my family. How do oils come in? Everywhere!!! I use essential oils for everything! For headaches, if my kids get sick or need emotional balance, for cleaning the house, and even brushing my teeth. With essential oils, I have found something that treats the whole family holistically that WORKS!! I found myself sharing with everyone I knew because of the impact in my own life! I wanted everyone I cared about to be using them. Then one day I got a check...WHAT??? I GOT A CHECK FOR SHARING OILS WITH FRIENDS! And then they started buying oils and my checks started bigger! SWEET!! Needless to say, that encouraged me to share even more! I get paid to share a product that I would share for free anyway, um YES! So that is what I started doing! From there I started to bring the oils into my fitness facility so I could add another way to help people. I am very enthusiastic about the oils, they are my passion. I want to help as many people as possible, and teach them so they can help themselves and their loved ones. Please take a look at the products and let me know if you have any questions. Seriously, ANY questions! I love to talk about oils and it is never a bother. If I can help you get started on your oil journey, it would be my privilege. If you already have oils but have questions about using them, I can help with that too. Enjoy, there are so many great products here. Good luck deciding;) Much Love, Valerie
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