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Dr. Jerry & Sarah Cook
Independent Wellness Advocate

Hi! Let us introduce ourselves. We are Jerry and Sarah Cook. We are parents of 3 children, teen through adult. Jerry is a professor at CSU, Sacramento and teaches classes related to families, human development and research methodology. Sarah has been self-employed for 24 years and has worked in the skin care and beauty industry. We are both authors and have been married for over 24 years. We got started with oils because Sarah experienced severe migraines and we wanted natural solutions to help her. Soon we realized there were so many other oils that could benefit our entire family in ways ranging from help with pain management to non-toxic cleaning options. When you join our team you can choose to experience a FREE wellness consult from us to go over your health concerns and oil protocols. You will gain access to online education that will teach you exactly how to use your oils safely and effectively, and an expansive online community where you can ask questions and gain support. There are several ways to start using oils in your home: 1. Pay Retail. Click the "Shop" tab above. However, if you like to save money there are better options for you! 2. Buy Wholesale. This is by far the best way to buy your oils. When you have a wholesale membership you are NOT required to sell products or make a minimum purchase. You also have an option of earning up to 30% back on what you buy through our optional Loyalty Rewards Program! All you have do to become a wholesale member is: A: Pay a $35 fee and get everything for 25% off OR B: Purchase one of our enrollment kits and get your membership FREE. With the purchase of a kit you are also given a range of additional products priced BELOW wholesale to get you started. All kits include TOP doTerra products and are all items we use daily in our home. Every kit also includes a welcome bonus package from me with things to get you started on your oil journey. *Welcome bonus is based on the kit that you purchase. Email us at Sarah@SarahLCook.com or call 916-216-2857 to get info on our current specials and promotions as well as to get your questions answered. It's super easy to get started! 1. Click the "Join and Save" option 2. Choose your country 3. Choose your wholesale option (the only difference with being a customer or a wellness advocate is that you can earn commissions IF you decide you want to sell product. 4. Put in our enroller ID 317818 if it doesn't populate. 5. Choose your kit or membership option and add any other products you would like at wholesale by typing it into the white search bar. 6. Check out! YAY!! 7. Then email us at Sarah@SarahLCook.com so we can get you plugged into online education/resources and get your welcome package out to you. We can't wait to help you see what these oils can do for you and those you love. Be blessed, Jerry and Sarah

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