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Shaman Vitki
Independent Wellness Advocate

James Clouse, aka "Shaman Vitki", New Age Author of Metaphysics and Lore, Balance Your Life Path Numerology, Runes and Lore, and Blessed Be Introduction to the Craft and Spiritual Magick Currently enrolled at University of Sedona to obtain a Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Msc.D. I am a clairvoyant shaman who has been on a spiritual path in this lifetime since the year of my birth on 11/22. Timing is everything! Growing up in the United States, I was influenced by Christianity, but felt drawn to my Cherokee and German heritage. In 1996, I started to work with the runes of the Elder Futhark. In 1998, I went through my shamanic initiation after being chosen by the spirits. I am now a skilled vitki (magician skilled in working with the runes). I have also studied many metaphysical topics in depth such as Numerology, reincarnation, shamanism, runelore, crystals and gems, herbs, psychic reading, Tarot, Wicca and witchcraft, and Norse mythology. I am also the webmaster of the holistic metaphysical shop ShamanSenses.com, 24Runes.com, ShamanVitki.com, metaphysicsandlore.com, clairvoyantpsychicreading.com, bestpsychicnow.com, wiccanwicca.com, and TerraShaman.com.

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