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Renee Waters
Independent Wellness Advocate

I am a Naturopath, Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Artist and Herbalist. I am the owner of The Country Doctor Since 1984. I love art and I now want to blend healing and art together, hence, Healing with Meditation, Art and Essential Oil Workshops and Retreats. I have over 30 years of experience helping people heal their back, hip, sciatic nerve and miscellaneous issues and now I would like to help people discover their deeper self. I would like to help them through their trauma and difficult emotional times with Art and the Emotional Freedom Technique and through simple tai chi/Yoga exercises and most importantly Meditation, Art, Essential oils & Bodywork. I also am certified in Holistic Iridology which is an Art within itsel and working on my yoga certification. I am able to look at someone’s eyes and tell by the color, lines, lesions and fibers what their inherent weaknesses are...so also when a person who comes to see me who is emotionally distraught and lacking the willpower to live—hopefully with the Lord’s help and my talents....I will be able to help them back to recover their life and dreams, and hopefully they will want to live with energy and vitality again!! I will be using very simple techniques to do this…Art, Color, Design, Creative writing, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Bodywork, Prayer & Meditation, EFT, Tai Chi/Yoga, Detoxification and more…… If you are interested in any of these things please go to my website and read more.

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