Karin Prah

As a mom, wife and boss life can be challenging. I am not telling you all something you don't already know and imagine you are probably experiencing similar challenges yourself! What if I told you there was something out there to that could help you: de-stress, ease your feelings of depression or anxiety, relax your aching muscles, sooth that itch, keep pests away, tame that tummy, improve your skin/hair/teeth, get the kids to sleep, get them to calm down or give you more energy when they won't...basically improve your family's overall well being. (furbabies included!) Would you be open to learning about it? If you said no, maybe you need more help that I can offer ;) because I can't imagine anyone saying no! I am not sure how I made it through the earlier years without Essential Oils, but am so glad that a dear friend introduced me to dōTERRA! I can not thank her enough for welcoming me into this amazing company, that helps so many people and improves the lives of those around them! I am grateful that I have learned how to help improve my family and friend's heath and happiness by using these "gifts of the earth". Believe me I had the same thoughts your are thinking to yourself quietly. I was super skeptical...hello have we met??? However once i tried a few of the oils I no longer thought of them as something crazy people used. I realized I was the crazy one for not trying them sooner. There is nothing that compares to the happiness in my heart, knowing that I can assist you in having the best life you can, we only get one, let's not waste it! Would love to share my knowledge with you and have you join me on this journey to a happy, healthier lifestyle. Please reach out and let me know what I can do to assist! <3
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