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Deborah Robinson
Independent Wellness Advocate

Welcome! Thank you for taking a moment to peruse my Natural Ways Made New extension of my website. Here you will have a chance to learn more about the company I have come to love because of their purity standards and how they treat those that grow the resources for our wonderful products. You can read more about that under the "Our Company" and "Our Caring" portions of the website. You will also have an opportunity to check out the products by clicking "Shop Products" where if you want all the nitty gritty details of each and every one, open the link to the product of choice and then scroll down until you see "PIP". That stands for Product Information Page where you will see the ingredients and usages of that particular product. As for me and my family, you can find out more about us at www.oldwaysmadenew.com . I have been studying herbs and essential oils for several years now and have enjoyed making my own products and recipes. I love teaching others how to do the same. So, I will leave you to it! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions at all! Blessings, Deborah Robinson

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