Lynell Shattls

As a mom of three young children, and a "retired" HR executive, Lynell embraces a natural approach to health, emotions and home to support her busy family. She knows the stress of the corporate life and how it can impact the family. Lynell embraces returning to this part of her life to help those still caught up in the chaos of trying to fit it all in and feeling exhausted, unfocused and unhealthy. Are you someone who knows there's got to be a better way? The passion she has for making a huge difference in the lives of those she touches and shares dōTERRA will be evident from the first interaction you have with her. She works with each individual to customize a plan to support them and their family where you are personally and financially. Lynell then empowers you to reach your ultimate wellness goals. Are you ready to learn how to leap into something new that will change your life?
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