Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature's most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates.

Leonie Gonzales
Independent Wellness Advocate

Hiya! Thanks for dropping by my page! My name is Leonie and I am a student of life and lover of natural healing! For years I have committed my career and personal life to helping myself and others get healthy and find happiness through self-care. To add to that, I've found it to be a fun, rewarding and empowering experience to find natural solutions to stay healthy and share them with my friends and family. I first started my journey with essential oils after I got certified to teach children's yoga. I created lavender eye pillows for my classmates and was elated by how happy and peaceful it made them. This inspired me to create a business around relaxation tools, which has allowed me to promote the joys of the holistic lifestyle! As essential oils continued to play a larger role in my daily self-care routine, it only seemed right to incorporate essential oils into my business! I have been using essential oils for a few years now, but like many people, I was unaware of the difference between quality oils and grocery store oils. It didn't take long after using doTERRA to really see and feel the quality! Along with their great oils, I proudly support doTerra as a company because I believe their sourcing, distillation and testing processes are top notch. On top of their great products and practices, I love the community I have been welcomed in. I don't consider myself an essential oil or health guru, but the community's willingness to support each other is another reason why I love doTERRA! If you ask any doTERRA advocate a question, they will always be willing to help you find the answers! doTERRA is meant to be for everyone and the ever present sense of community is proof of that. If you ever choose to start an independent business with them, you will feel like you work with coworkers that are friends :). I love doTERRA Essential Oils and the company as a whole! If you're ready to get started on this journey with me, the door is always open! To sign up is just a few steps! 1. While you're on my page, click "JOIN & SAVE" at the top of the page. 2. Click "JOIN doTERRA" 3. Choose which account that will suit you. The difference is that a Wellness Advocate can enroll new members. 4. Enter all required information. Make sure that the sponsor ID number is mine: 4707757 and make sure my name pops up. I don't think that there are many Leonie's out there! 5. Choose your kit! (EXCITING!!!!) 6. If you are customizing your order, first add the Introductory Packet ($35) to your cart and add the rest of the products you wish to purchase. 7. Process your order and wait patiently for your package to arrive!!!!! Good luck! I hope you that you find joy and happiness in your new oils and healthy, natural lifestyle! Your Friend, Leonie

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