Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature's most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates.

Francia Luna
Independent Wellness Advocate

Hello, My name is Francia Luna and my wife is Renee. We are Wellness Advocates looking to educate and empower others on natural solutions. We believe by making small easy changes in your health and wellness, you'll naturally gravitate towards things that begin to feel good for you. We use essential oils daily to help support our immune system, energy levels, cleaning, cooking and so much more. We use them as a tool to support our emotions. They are easy to use and extremely effective. Please visit our Facebook page Illuminating Essentials for valuable content to help you learn more on how we use doTERRAs products. Please feel free to reach out and we would love to have you apart of our doTERRA tribe. Have an Illuminating Day!

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