Ginny L Eiseman

My journey into Holistic Healing started over twenty years ago. Like many with Fibromyalgia, I started with some chronic pain and it progressed over the years. Modern medicine just didn’t work for me. The side effects from all the drugs were killing me. I’ve always been passionate about research. For me it is fascinating to have a question and sift through the puzzle to find an answer. I decided to focus that energy on finding something nature intended for healing and not synthetics designed to mask symptoms. My research lead me to natural solutions for my health issues. That journey started dramatic change in the quality of my life and I am now enjoying remission from Fibromyalgia. I could talk for hours about why I decided to do doTERRA as a business, but if I were to condense it all down I could in three words: fulfillment, control and freedom. It is so fulfilling to help end suffering, give people back control of their health when they feel helpless and unheard. I love having the freedom and control of my own life as a doTERRA Team Leader, Certified Holistic Health Coach and owner of Alaska Healer LLC. I'm also a mom of two grown daughters and I'm married to my soul mate Jeff and we live in Ketchikan, Alaska with our Miniature Australian Shepherd and a Bearded Dragon.
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