Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature's most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates.

Melissa Hardy
Independent Wellness Advocate

The extent of my essential oil experience until Christmas 2016 was as an add on to a therapeutic massage… a whole new world of natural synthetic free solutions opened up when my friend introduced me to dōTERRA essential oils that provided a soothing and calming effect when I ached, and helped balance tense emotions during high stress. And because dōTERRA essential oils are pure, they don't give me scent headaches like synthetic scent chemicals do. Exploring essential oils is my new passion! It’s so much fun creating chemical free products like all natural breath freshener, bug repellent, dry shampoo, bathroom freshener and hand sanitizer. We turn to my essential oils first when we have any kind of body ache or muscle strain now. Plus my whole family diffuses daily as part of our routine. Best of all is hearing how friends are benefiting: • "I forgot to return the diffuser to my son's room. He just asked me to put it back as diffusing peppermint really helped him sleep and his throat irritation." • “My daughter was having nightmares. I've been using essential oils on my daughter and she says "Mom, I'm sleeping sooo good now." • "Just a little bit of the Deep Blue Rub on my back seemed to last longer and work better than anything.” • “The rollerball for the body aches has been awesome, and an odd but good side effect: the scent has scared off the bugs bites we usually get when working out doors.” • “I hurt my back again - pulled it hard - and was really having hard time yesterday. So I put some essential oils on it and I woke up pain free. I can't believe it!!! It's not even a tiny bit of what it was yesterday!!!” • “I woke with a bad headache and it got worse through the day! Came home at lunch and put Past Tense on my neck area where the tension was. Within 30 min tops it was gone!!!! Like it never even was there! Loved it!!!!” • “I have major dentist anxiety… Balance and Serenity made me feel so much better.” Ready to learn more? Let's schedule your free personalized consultation.

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