Victoria Bogoevski

Welcome to my doTERRA journey! Whether you're new to Essential Oils or are an experienced Blender, I would love to help you on your Oil journey! 🔹What got me hooked on Oils? Well, they're pleasant to smell when diffusing as they aren't as potent as candles or wax burners. Add a drop of a grapefruit or lemon oil to a glass of water for a fresh citrus drink. My favorite form of using oils is topically in a roller blend or lotion made at home. 🔹Made at home.🔹 That is a key word for me. Blending oils based to match chakras for meditation or for simply to smell like I've been to the spa are such a joy in my daily and weekly routine it makes me feel at home. Making Roller Blends is as simple as grabbing the amber glass roller bottle placing a few drops of this, a few drops of that, a couple more drops of another and mixing with Fractionated Coconut Oil or Grape Seed Oil help me get through the day! 💻⌨🖱📲If you have any questions contact me on send me a message here or through my Facebook Page (facebook.com/essentiallyanempath) . 💧Looking forward to helping you with your doTERRA Oil Journey!💧
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