Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature's most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates.

Cherise Pendleton
Independent Wellness Advocate

Schedule an Essential Oil Consultation at http://positivelywellappointments.as.me HEALTH COACHING AND LIFESTYLE MEDICINE My husband, Larry, and I love essential oils and use them every day. I have a Masters Degree in Health Education and Promotion and am a Certified Health Educator and Health Coach. I use essential oils as one of the tools in my wellness practice, Positively Well. I love being able to help so many with essential oils. They are a great support to many conditions and help to create a nontoxic environment in the home. We regularly assist people with pain, emotional health issues like anxiety, depression, etc., weight management, adhd, restless legs, headaches, allergies, asthma, sleep and so many other areas of wellness. I just dont' know what we would do without essential oils. Call us at 407-461-1262 or 909-731-8119. Cherise Pendleton, MA, CHES, CWHC, CWP Be Well!

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