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Amazing Self LLC -
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Meet Coach Linda Adell Mitchell, M.A. Linda is the ultimate student and transformation specialist on multiple levels. She is currently working on her PhD in Christian Theology, has a MA degree in Christian Education from Practical Christianity Institute of Evangelism, a BA from University of Sedona, and an AA in Computer Information Systems from Strayer University. In addition, she is a graduate of the Destiny Coaching Academy, Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Growth and Development, and a former student of Coach University. Linda serves as an Author, Womb Sauna Practitioner and Facilitator of “Heal Your Life Workshops” by Louise Hay. She also has over 30 years of work experience in the Telecommunications Industry with AT&T and Comcast Communications as an Operations Manager, Business Account Executive and presently as a Sales Coach. Linda works with her clients through one-on-one coaching, teleconferences and workshops to solidify their understanding of self-worth and their ability to have the life they desire and deserve. She inspires them to love themselves from the inside out and gain clarity of vision. Through resourceful vehicles like prayer, stillness, 100% Organic Therapeutic Essential Oils, Coaching, Christian Counseling, Womb Sauna Experience, AromaTouch Techniques and lots of unconditional love, she helps clients release old patterns that keep them stuck so they can transform into their authentic self and create a life of Greatness that reflects God’s love. Linda’s commitment, love, beauty and light are brightly illuminated as she does her own inner-work while supporting her clients in theirs. Her first book, “Journey to Greatness,” is a Guide on How to Step Into Your Greatness, Own Your Personal Power & Create the Life You Want. The book is available on Amazon.com and discloses the life experiences that led to her greatness and the tools she used daily to grow into living her authentic truth

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