How to use Essential Oils?

Got your first bottle of essential oil but not sure how to use it? Here are some common ways that you can try our your very first bottle of goodness!


Aromatic Use
If you have a diffuser, a great and gentle way to start would be to add into an ultrasonic diffuser to try out. Enjoy the scent of your essential oil in the room and breathe in its goodness.


Oils such as Lemon is great to be used as a cleaning agent. Simply add a few drops of the oil into a glass spray bottle and you are great to use it to freshen up linens or to wipe down counter tops.


Drop on hand
Enjoy the goodness of essential oils right from its bottle. Drop 1-2 drops onto palm, cup your hands and take a deep breath in to take in the scent.


Add to shower
Try to ease tensed muscles after a long day, add a few drops into your bath water and you are great to enjoy a nice wind down.

Cotton ball
No diffuser? Drop the oils to cotton balls to diffuse in the room

Add to dryer sheet
Using a dryer? Try adding a few drops of Eucalyptus onto your dryer sheets to remove musky smell from your laundry.

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