dōTERRA Anniversaries

10 Year Anniversary - Starting from January 2023

When you celebrate 10 years with doTERRA, you’ll receive an exciting, branded jacket! The jacket is wind and waterproof, complete with adjustable cuffs and a concealed hood. It’s also multi-functional with one warm fleece layer and a separate waterproof outer layer which can be easily removed. The jacket has two zipped lower pockets and is decorated with embroidering using our 10-year anniversary logo.

Qualification Criteria

To receive a 10-year anniversary gift, you must have reached the rank of Diamond or above at least once and must have held an account with dōTERRA for 10 years.


The jacket will be sent to you during the month of your 10-year anniversary.


Anniversary Card - Starting from January 2023

In celebration of reaching another year with dōTERRA, we will send you an anniversary card.

Qualification Criteria

Reach the rank of Silver or above at least once in the last year. This is calculated two months before the month of your anniversary.  


Cards will be sent out in the month of your anniversary.

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