Enroller Changes

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When you enrol someone new, you automatically become their Enroller, but enrollership can also be changed. As the Enroller, you have the power to transfer enrollership to anyone in the enrollee’s upline (if you personally hold enrollership).* However, you cannot change an enrollee’s enrollership more than twice. A second Enroller change can only take place if the enrollership is transferred to the Wellness Advocate who originally enrolled the member, subject to company approval.

Also see Inactive Moves for more information.

Processing a First or Second Enroller Change

To request an Enroller change, the current Enroller must email europeplacements@doterra.com from their email address on file using the following template:
  • Wellness Advocate requesting change: (insert name and ID number here)
  • Wellness Advocate to be moved: (insert name and ID number here)
  • New Enroller: (if no change, insert "none")
  • New Sponsor: (if no change, Insert "none")

Enroller change requests must come from the current Enroller and must be sent from the email address on file.

Second Enroller Changes are submitted through the same process as first Enroller changes, but must go through an additional review process prior to approval.

Additional Requests

Requests beyond the second Enroller change are not likely to be approved and if submitted, must go through the Exceptions process. See Placement Exceptions To Policy for details.

*All enrollership changes are subject to company approval.

This information is provided in summary form for the convenience of the reader. To the extent it conflicts with the Wholesale Customer Agreement, or the Wellness Advocate Agreement and doTERRA Policy Manual (collectively, "the Agreement"), the Agreement is controlling.

Contact Europe Member Services

Contact the Placements Team

If you are struggling to complete a request or have any additional questions, our Placements Team can be contacted at europeplacements@doterra.com our Leaders ranked Silver or above can also click here to contact our Account Managers.

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