Claudia Blumenthal - doTERRA Europe Leader

Claudia Blumenthal - doTERRA Europe Leader

Claudia Blumenthal


About Claudia

Claudia joined dōTERRA in autumn 2014. Immediately, she witnessed astonishing results with the products. In August 2018, she reached Diamond and has been sharing essential oils enthusiastically ever since. 

Alongside her dōTERRA journey, Claudia has made sacrifices and overcome grave hardships. After the passing of her partner in 2017, one of Claudia's biggest challenges was to continue on and build her business through grief and loss. But, working through the heartache, she is still healing as her business is growing exponentially. 

The financial freedom that comes with dōTERRA has provided Claudia with stability and the peace of mind to focus on self-discovery and development. She says, "dōTERRA has been a big blessing in our lives since it gave us tools to maintain our physical wellbeing as well as providing financial independence and security."

Claudia has always been an idealistic person with strong principles. She says, ""I realise that any person can make an impact to change the world and I would like to contribute my part. I see it as my responsibility to develop my business further, to change the lives of many more people. Therefore, I try to lead by example, to share my experiences and to become the best version of myself every day."" 

In the future, Claudia hopes to touch the lives of more people so that they can thrive physically and financially.


Take consistent, relevant action. It will not happen by chance, but consistent effort is required. It's not enough to just work on your mindset, goals, and vision; you've also got to take small steps every day in the right direction. 


If you can find a couple of good business partners rather quickly, you can have momentum much faster and not have the impression to do everything yourself. If you share dōTERRA sincerely and consistently, you will ultimately get results and become more confident.


I do not feel restricted by my work schedule as I can adjust it to our family's needs. As well as engaging with my clients and team, I am able to pursue my personal interests. It's one of the perks of this wonderful opportunity and provides great motivation for anybody to reach higher ranks.

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