What Can I Earn?

Fast Start

There are some common acronyms you will hear and these are used to calculate the one income stream which is called Fast Start

  • PV stands for product volume
  • CV stands for commissionable volume
  • Every product is given both a PV value and a CV value

All commissions are then calculated on the CV value achieved

doTERRA’s compensation plan helps you generate income from the start with the Fast Start bonus. For each person you enrol, doTERRA will pay you 20% of the CV on anything they purchase within the first 60 days. For example, you tell your friend Sally about doTERRA and let’s say her enrolment order has a CV value of 200. You would receive a Fast Start bonus on that order of approximately $40.  For every further order Sally makes in her first 60 days, you will receive 20% of the CV value from these purchases, and this is paid weekly.

Fast Start bonus payments are made to 3 generations of enrollers. You would earn 20% of the CV value for being Sally’s enroller, 10% on anyone Sally enrols and 5% on anyone their enrolee then enrols.

In review, for their first 60 days you earn 20% for anyone you enrol. Anyone they enrol, you earn 10%. And you’ll earn 5% on your third level.


Power of 3

This is a strong focus for successful Wellness Advocates. When you teach the importance of the Loyalty Rewards Program and develop the structure necessary to qualify for the Power of 3, then you will have established a core needed for reaching leadership ranks within doTERRA.

There are three Power of 3 bonuses that you can earn: $50, $250, and $1500. Each bonus is achieved through proper building and team volume as described below:

  1. $50 {41 €}: You must have three personally sponsored Wellness Advocates and a total of 600 Team Volume. (Team Volume includes your personal order, the orders of your frontline, retail orders, and Preferred Member orders.)
  2. $250 {205 €}: Your three frontline team members must each have three other qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates under them with a minimum of 600 Team Volume. (See example image below.)
  3. $1500 {1230 €}: Your nine qualified Wellness Advocates also must each have three qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates enrolled under them with a minimum of 600 Team Volume.

Commission earnings are based on the USD exchange rate. Personal earnings may be less. Commissions are paid out according to the Commissionable Volume not the PV.

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