dōTERRA Wholesale Customer Q&A

How does the upgrade process work?
If I am an existing Wellness Advocate, do I qualify for a Wholesale Customer account?
How can I convert my account from a Wellness Advocate account to a Wholesale Customer account?
If I am a Wellness Advocate with no downline, can I request to convert my account to a Wholesale Customer account?
Can I have both a Wellness Advocate and Wholesale Customer account?
What are the benefits of a Wholesale Customer account?
Can a Wellness Advocate be converted to a Wholesale Customer after upgrading from a Wholesale customer account?
As an enroller, why would I enroll someone as a Wholesale Customer?
As an enroller, will I be notified if a Wholesale Customer upgrades their account to a Wellness Advocate account?
Can Wholeslae Customers access the Message Center in the Virtual Office?
How will Wholesale Customers appear in my Back Office?
Can Wholesale Customers participage in the Loyalty Rewards Program?
Can Wholesale Customers participate in the Fast Track Program?
Do Wholesale customer orders count towards Fast Start Bonuses?
Can Wholesale Customers have a replicated website?
Does a Wholeslae Customer keep their Member ID number when they upgrade their account to a Wellness Advocate account?
Does Fast Start restart upon upgrade from Wholesale Customer to Wellness Advocate?
Can a Wholesale Customer transfer into a Wellness Advocate position?

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