What is the deadline for making a Bulk Order?

Bulk Order Requests must be received by doTERRA before 11:00 AM the morning prior to the day you wish to pick-up. There will be no exceptions to the deadline. Please do not come to pick up your orders the same day you request your order.

Please keep in mind promotions, events, Convention, etc., can impact the 24hr pick-up time. During these times we receive a high volume of bulk requests and pick-up times can be pushed to a later date.

Please email requests to orderpickup@ doterra.com. To ensure your email has been received, watch for the automatic email response. Bulk Order Requests received after the 11:00 AM deadline will be ready approximately two business days after the email is received.

• Bulk Order Requests received by the bulk desk at 11:45 AM on Monday will be ready for pick-up the following Wednesday morning. There will be no exceptions.
• Bulk Order Requests received Friday after 11:00 AM will be ready for pick-up on Monday.
• Bulk Order Requests received Saturday or Sunday will be ready for pick-up the following Tuesday. Again, we cannot make exceptions to this rule.

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