What are the Fast Track Program Guidelines?

Wellness Advocates will earn X amount of points based on their Enrollment Order of a Qualifying Kit. Along with this, they will receive an "upgraded" percentage as they begin the Loyalty Rewards Program. Points from this incentive will be added to their Account approximately two months after they Enroll. 

Example: I enroll on January 23, 2015. Then two months later (March) on the 15th (unless it falls on a Sunday, in which the points will be uploaded on the following Monday) my points will be added from that Incentive Bonus (percentages are often uploaded on the 16th). 

In order to qualify for both the points and the percentage they MUST have a 100+ PV Loyalty Rewards Order the month following their enrollment. In addition to the first LRP order, they have to continue to be on the program until they receive their points around the 15th of the next month. If they have their 100+ PV LRP order run the month following their enrollment and then delete their LRP, they WILL NOT receive their points or percentage. To protect against this, the Loyalty Rewards Program flyer on www.doterratools.com state that members need to have an LRP run for two months following enrollment before the points and percentage will be added.

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