What is the Training Publisher feature?

If you plan to train your geographically diverse (and busy team), the Training Publisher function is your new friend. It is a system that allows you to record yourself giving a presentation, save it, and send it to anyone on your team. Uploading your presentation is easy. Just save your PowerPoint as a PDF and it can be uploaded to you quiver of PDF trainings.

Suppose you are working with a group of new IPCs that need product training, or basic training on how to share dōTERRA. Normally, you might have a meeting in a hotel where you bring them all in and hold the training. While this format is optimal, travel and meeting space rental can get expensive, not to mention the issue of getting people there when you hold the meeting.

Your Training Publisher allows you to record and send targeted trainings to large groups (segments) of your team that you might normally have in a hotel or in-home meeting. They can watch it when they have time, and you can see who has been able to watch it. With this “always there” format, trainings you create are “always there” for people on your team to access.

If you are looking at a report that features your brand new IPCs, you can message all of them and invite them to participate in a Published Training where you walk them through your approach to product training, product use and so forth. You are guaranteed that all received your message, and have visibility into who opened your message, and confirmation that they have attended your training. The biggest drawback … we haven’t figured out how you can recreate the incredible aromatic benefits of dōTERRA oils in a published training – so be sure to invite them to open a bottle as they watch it!

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