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Jill Shaw
Independent Wellness Advocate

Hello my name is Jill Shaw. I am a licensed Esthetician and Natural Healing enthusiast! Recently we discovered that my husband has stage 4 prostate cancer. My husband has chose to treat his cancer through natural healing, immunology therapy! It is working very well for him! With that being said we have done a lot of research on natural ways of healing our bodies and one of the things that kept popping up was the use of Essential Oils! This has opened our eyes to the Essential Oil world of how beneficial they are. We have now recognize the gifts of the earth is our medicine and we have become natural healing enthusiasts. EO has changed our life! I feel that sharing this with everybody is a way of helping people to live a healthier, joyful, successful lifestyle! I want to teach them that it is possible! Email- rscshaw13@gmail.com Phone- 443-547-1596

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